Step by step guide on how to apply for your Australia tourist visa

Australia is one of the most popular tourist attractions across the globe. The land of kangaroos has much more to offer its visitors than what you see in pictures. Not only Australia is the land of amazing monuments and historic structures, but its flora and fauna deserve a lot of praise too. Be it the great Coral Reef or the Tasmanian islands or be it the biggest cities of the country, you’re definitely in for a refreshing holiday. You probably already know that Australia is a continent. It’s important to know though that the climate differs depending upon the states you’re visiting. So, ensure that you plan ahead of time and carry relevant equipment that will help you enjoy your time in the country in a better manner.

Australia Tourist Visa

About the Australia tourist visa

That’s enough of travel tips for now. Let’s quickly dive into the most crucial factor to take care of and that is the Australia tourist visa. You’ll need one or multiple depending upon the size of your group. It’s always appreciated that you start planning for your visa application process well ahead of time for avoiding the late minute mess. It’s important to understand the different kinds of visas available and for the purpose of mere travel; you’re required to apply for the subclass 600 visa. According to the Australian visa law, your tourist visa is applicable for travelling to the country either for leisure or pay a visit to family members or friends. So you need not to stress about applying for different class of visa.

Organize all your documents

The Australian visa authority seeks verification of your background to ensure there are no criminal records on your name. They would also look forward to confirming your eligibility to receive the Australia tourist visa. So, it’s essential to submit all the documents that have been mentioned below.

  • Your Visa Application Form,
  • Payment receipt of the transaction you made while submitting the Application Form,
  • Photocopies of your Passport,
  • Travel Tickets,
  • Proof of your Accommodation bookings,
  • Bank Account Statements for the past few years,
  • Your identity proof; Aadhar Card, Voter Card, Driving License, etc.
  • Copy of your Travel Insurance, and
  • A Cover Letter with a proper explanation of the reason behind your travel to Australia.

Prerequisites of your visa application

Now that you understand the process of application and documentation, it’s important to note some of the prerequisites of your visa application process. The Australian Visa authority would like to check f you are physically and mentally fit. Hence, you need to submit your health certificate. Besides that, you must also have enough funds to support your expenses during your vacation. You might also need to submit your copy of your return tickets to satisfy the visa officer about your return from the country before your visa expires.

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