Want to immigrate as a provincial nominee? Here’s what you must do!

If you are a skilled worker who wants to get the best opportunities in life then you must explore the option of moving to Canada. Canada wants more number of people to come to the country. They are in need of more number of skilled workers. Canada depends heavily on skilled immigrants.

Skilled workers need to have details about Express Entry Points Calculator. The express entry system is a point based system for skilled workers. Here are some details about the express entry system.

Express entry system:

  • The candidate has to first create the express entry profile
  • Here he needs to give complete details about his skills, experience etc.
  • As per the Express Entry Points Calculator points are allotted to the candidate.
  • There are 600 points for core skills like experience, education etc.
  • The candidate has to submit the language scores and other details.
  • The candidate can also score additional points if he is well versed with French language or as a Canadian degree or has a brother or sister who is a PR or a citizen of Canada.
  • Now those candidates who have higher scores will have a better chance of getting selected.
  • The selected candidate will get an invitation to apply for the permanent resident visa for Canada.

This is how Provincial Nominee Programs can help you!

  • The Canada Provincial Nominee Programs are one of the best options for people who want to migrate and work in a particular province in Canada. As per this program, the Canadian provinces and territories will nominate candidates who want to move to Canada and want to settle down in a particular province in Canada.
  • These programs are designed keeping in mind the labour market requirements of the province. A candidate who gets the provincial nomination will get 600 points. This will almost seal his selection for getting the invitation to apply for the permanent resident visa for Canada.

For more details about Provincial Nominee Programs and express entry system contact IRA:

The applicant has to make sure that he follows the procedure properly. Any mistake in the application will result in rejection of the application. The candidate will then have to go through the entire process again. If you want to avoid this then you must seek help from the best Canada Immigration Consultants. IRA immigration is one of the best immigration consultants in India.

Give all the details about your profile to IRA immigration. They will consider all the details and will help you select the best immigration programme. They will also help you complete all the formalities so that your chances of selection are better.

They have some of the best immigration consultants who will provide the best assistance. They have successfully helped a large number of individuals in achieving their dream of moving to Canada. You too can be one of them. Just get in touch with IRA immigration and explain your requirements. They will surely provide the best assistance.



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